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Olivia Arthur

Born in 1975, self taught painter and sculptor Olivia Arthur has been deeply involved in the arts since adolescence. Arthur is a third generation Angeleno and comes from a family of active, dedicated, and successful artists and craftspeople.


Arthur, a longtime time DJ / producer and collector of records has also been an obsessive collector of  furniture, art, and design ephemera. She was driven to paint by the feeling that there was a severe lack of original, high quality fine art available to people of reasonably modest means. 


Arthur decided the way forward was to learn to produce the works she had long desired. She rapidly discovered that creating visual art, primarily through painting, was satisfying her urge for new avenues of expression similar to the freedom music and dance have provided for so many years.


“I was always fascinated with the color orange, weird design, brutalism and bold clashing colors and I’ve been heavily influenced by psychedelic pop art and bold colors of the '70s. I’ve always known what I liked and have been obsessed with collecting what I could, but everything has always been out of reach financially. The paintings I’ve collected over the years mean so much to me. I started painting because I wanted more paintings and I knew I could give people something special. I’ve been making these images in my head all my life and I started painting because I needed art. I have never been so compelled to do anything else.”


Futra presents Kinetic is Olivia’s public debut into the world of visual art with these artist framed paintings from 2018.

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